Call Tracking Tips

Phone Call Tracking and Attribution

Many consumers today have adopted the habit of calling a business directly once they come across an advertisement. They do this to avoid the hassle of having to visit the company to find out more information about the advertised product. With this trend, phone call tracking is necessary as it allows a business to view details of inbound calls, view phone numbers on the website lead to sale, determine the phone calls conversions made on offline channels, and to measure conversions from pay per click advertising.


Call Tracking Software Features is a marketing analytical tool that has been known to be a means by which marketers can lessen attribution blind spots and better understand their audience. Call tracking allows you to gain more insightful information about your customers thereby giving you a better understanding of your target audience. Unlike other website tracking tools that are mostly limited to tracking online activity, phone call tracking allows you to grasp the lead and conversion data fully. It establishes phone call as a marketing channel distinct from other marketing channels.


By recording phone calls at, you can listen to your customer directly, which gives you the ability to determine the effectiveness of your customer service. You will also be in a better position to qualify leads and find out which customer deserves more attention than others. Phone call tracking also allows you to listen into the conversations between your sales team and the callers so that you can evaluate the tactics they use and decide on there are any changes that need to be implemented to grow conversion rates. It is also a useful tool in determining whether you should focus your attention on your employees, marketing assets, or product development.


Where phone calls are a significant part of your leads, then phone call tracking becomes the most applicable method of fixing your attribution issues both online and offline. Attribution calls meant for the correction of keywords allows you to effectively increase the budget for the keywords that drive the most phone calls and conversion and reduce the budget of those that do not.


Call tracking software provides a variety of other services aside from recording calls. They include such features such as campaign level tracking, multi-channel attribution level tracking, and keyword level tracking. These features are you to properly study your marketing campaign strategies and observe the association between the marketing efforts and outcomes.


Ringba is one of the call tracking software that you may find on the market.